Fifth week roundup

Fifth Thursday roundup–a lists of blog posts in one spot–August 1-January 28:

Get It Right

What’s My Name?

If You Were A Stranger, Who Would You Be?

Burning Down The House

Faulkner’s Potboiler

The Perfectly Timed Lie: The Lie That Tells the Truth

A Killer Diet

Around The Web

On Googling Flarf

Breaking Down How Fiction Works

MFA Application Time-must read post by Leslie Pietrzyk

McCarthy’s Comic Foil:Humor in Suttree

Why The Writing Works in Keith Brockmeier’s “The Brief History of the Dead”

Direct and Indirect Characterization in Our Kind

The End

Journal Focus

Wanted Supervillan: Apply Within

Literary Fiction PROVEN to Make You Smarter (Temporarily In Some Respects) (Under Laboratory Conditions)

Creating An Unsettling Experience for the Reader: The Journal Format in Joyce Carol Oates’ Zombie

Writing Letters “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society”

Writing Advice-Voice

“[W]hat happens, sometimes, when two men meet”

Why We Do the Things We Do: Character Actions in “The Remains of the Day”

From Airplanes to Absalom, Abasolm

Make Up Your Own Mind: Letting the Reader Write

Forty-Three Ways to Play With Barbie

Rusted out floorboards and other important things I thought I had forgotten

We’re All Liars: John Dufresne’s “The Lie That Tells A Truth”



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